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Published on April 1st, 2014 | by Kevin Schulthies


When Buying Local, makes cents.

Score One (well earned sale) for the local guys.  Today’s shopping experience was a pleasant surprise as a local book store used technology to save myself time and money, while solving my need to read.  I was about to purchase an old used, obscure, and out of print book from one of the very few I could find scattered across some on-lines.  I noticed the location of one of the sellers in brackets (Edmonton, Alberta)  I know that city.  I live there!  I quickly Googled the name of the store.  And there it was, not far from me, just off of Whyte ave.  With a quick phone call, the shop keep asked for the book name and put it in her hands ready for me to pick up a few minutes later, and at a price that actually was less then listed on their website.  Bonus: No shipping costs or waiting either.

I’ve love the saying, “If you’re ignorant of the new rules of the economy or money, money will be ignorant of you.”

Basically, if local “Mom and Pop” shops close down, because they do not adapt to provide a different product or service, be it better then what’s found else where (including online or big box etc), or more cost effective, or have value added in some way including great personable service at a comparable price, then no one is to blame but those whom didn’t change with the times.  Someone else , whom is entrepreneurial in thought and deed, will be always be willing to fill those gaps and needs in a way that makes best economic sense and cents.

Congrats to Alhambra Books near Whyte ave for using technology and the extra effort to adapt your service of providing books to local people and around the world in an effective manner, including to someone who just so happen to be more then happy to shop local when it made cents to me this time.  Keep up the great work at adapting.  And for all other businesses:

May your fruit or lack of, be your best teacher, but only when you’re a hungry student to learn those lessons either way.

Kevin Schulthies – Canadian Rascal

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