Published on May 18th, 2015 | by Kevin Schulthies


The Financial Matrix Book Review

The Financial Matrix Book Review Kevin Schulthies
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The Financial Matrix is a MUST read for every person whom has ever or will ever use money, also known as finances, in their lifetime.  In the most complete and simple way I’ve ever read, the book discusses the current state we find ourselves in

Like in the movie “The Matrix”, when the hero Neo is waking up to the reality of what a fake world he has been “living” in, we the readers are shown the financial lies we’ve been told and yet are vaugley aware of in our current world.

Woodward combines history, current events and great story examples with simple language, so that everyone can learn about the Offence, Defense, and the Playing Field of money.

It’s different then most history, politics, or financial books in the fact that its FUN to read, and when I say fun I mean, it’s enticing, it makes you want to read more.  From the first two chapters you learn enough that it in fact evokes some pretty strong emotional responses that either makes you take the “Blue pill” and throw the book down, bury your head in the sand and ignore your plight, or take the “Red pill” and choose to learn what is enslaving us, this thing called the financial matrix AND the best part, Do something about it and ESCAPE, then allow others to do the same.

Again, A Must read.  Great price for the book.  Buy your own copy, while buying a few more to share with a few family or friends you care about, do a book study on it with your church group or mastermind group etc   And if you don’t want to buy one, I’d more then gladly borrow you a copy, as it’s my mission in life to share Truth and give people the chance to become free from slavery.


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