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Published on January 6th, 2014 | by Kevin Schulthies


Review: Total Recall: Audio Book Autobiography – Arnold Schwarzenegger

First and last chapters read by Arnold himself.  Part of which made me laugh.

Book written very much in simple each to understand language and style.  Totally like how he’d think and or talk which is pretty entertaining at times.  Sometimes things you wouldn’t expect to be in a book, but there it is.  He calls it like he sees it, or saw it I should say ;)

The rest of the book , read out by Stephen Lang of films like Avatar, does a GREAT job.  After a few minutues of being disappointed that Arnold doesn’t continue past chapter one, for the most part I forget he’s not reading it out because you can still hear him in your head, because it’s his thoughts that you get involved with.  Stephen does a wonderful job with the content, pacing, ephesis, pauses etc, and even the one liners etc.  Again, I found myself laughing at some of the more over the top moments, thoughts Arnold thought, things he did or said etc and the execution of it comes across great with Stephen.

Some amazing insights into the passion and though process Arnold did everything with.  I knew from another leadership book that I’d like to read up on Arnold, because in the other book it featured him because of his vision of “I’ll get into body building like <insert proper name> win a ton of the top competitions, get into movies in America like he did, and then be the best in movies”  and well, he did.  I kind of thought maybe after winning the movie world dragged him into B movies, then slowly moved into Top Blockbusters, but no, he was an amazing business man, which his businesses founded his modest lightstyle, which he actually declinded a ton of movie roles because he wanted to be the STAR, the main role, (or at min top 3) and he wanted to be the HERO.  That was his vision.  Outside of Terminator which he actually was cast as the Hero, but because he had such a strong vision for how the robot should work, Cameron suggested he play the robot instead.  He was reluctanct to change his vision and a bit worried to be typed cast forever as a villian in future movies.

So his studying, his business skills, his ballsyness in everything he did.  He really did play by his own rules as best as he could.  Had some mess ups.

<insert more as I get to it>


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