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Published on February 14th, 2014 | by Kevin Schulthies


Review: Insurgent: Audio Book

Review: Insurgent: Audio Book Kevin Schulthies
Audio Performace - 90%
Story - 96%
Desire to learn more - 100%



A MUST read

Well, one of the best reviews I suppose you could give a book, any book, would be that you believe that it should be read by a ton of people and that you CAN’T wait for the final book in this trilogy.

Insurgent takes off , immediately after Divergent left you hanging, exploring a quickly unravelling post war society based on five personality type factions.  Where the brains of Erudite are using technology to control Dauntless the brave and fighting faction, to enslave the rest of the factions for secrete reasons.  All while you slowly find out who and what the Divergent are (those whom have more then one personality type or faction they strongly relate too), along with the discovery of what is technically a sixth faction , the Factionless, the rejects of other factions, whom are more orginized and skilled then you’d think.  You discover that they too have plans of their own, and are now set into motion.

A great great story, filled with a ton of internal turmoil, redemption, forgiveness, revenge, self discovery, mind blowing twists and gut wrenching scenarios.   Too many times I felt the same emotions as the characters, as the story was read out to me.  I don’t remember if that’s every happen too many times in any movie or book etc, let alone multiple times throughout.  So well done.

Interesting notes:  Book explores the blooming passion between the Heroine and her strong older trainer now boyfriend in a very exciting, but tasteful way, one that “pans the camera away” and changes scenes at an appropreiate moment.  I only wish more movies would do the same, no need to discribe or show too much.  Well handled.

Plus I could say the same thing on the topics of redemtion, forgiveness, and the few times religion is explored, it was enough to enjoy, nothing too dogmatic, and seen in a positive light.  Being I’ve read the Author is a Christian, she does cover that one of the faction prayer / sharing times does mention that the gift of peace and forgiveness isn’t something that is or can be earned, and that’s why it is a gift when it is given.

Leaving on an epic cliff hanger, I only pause to write this review prior to finishing the final 11 or so hours of Allegiant, to discover what truly is.  To uncover the lies and cover ups these factions have been living in and with.

And now I discover a movie of Divergent is coming out next month :)  Here’s the trailer.  What a pleasant surprise to find this series now.  I don’t have to wait year after year for these movies to come out (Looking at you Hunger games, which I also have high regard for)


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