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Published on February 14th, 2014 | by Kevin Schulthies


Review: Divergent: Audio Book

Review: Divergent: Audio Book Kevin Schulthies
Narrator Reading - 80%
Story - 90%

Summary: An intriguing look at what the what a future destroyed city could run like if it's people were divided up into 5 personality types and a Divergent type that stands to upset it all.



Its funny, I’ve seen the cover of this book over the last couple of years and have always been attracted to it.  After seeing it one more time, I figured I should read up on what this book is about.  After reading the description it extremely intrigued me.  Post war “Factions” formed based out of rough personality types (a personal favourite topic of mine) and the discovery of ones’ self . Having such a great experience of The Hunger Games audio book series, I went right to Hoopla Digital service to “borrow” the cds from my local “Library”  And not once throughout

Here’s the Trailer for the Divergent Movie.  I can’t wait.  Should add alot to the great visuals I already have in my mind because of this book.  The movie will only add expand them to flesh out this very interesting concept.


audiobook-divergent-by-veronic-roth audiobook-insurgent-by-veronic-roth audiobook-allegiant-by-veronica-roth

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