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Published on February 14th, 2014 | by Kevin Schulthies


Review: Allegiant: Audio Book

The final book in the Divergent trilogy is for sure mind numbing and not for the reasons you hope.

The first thing you notice is the book’s (audio) goes back and forth between the thoughts of both Tris and Tobais/Four internal perspective.  Which in many ways is quite interesting.  You wouldn’t expect a change of perspective this far into the series.  In other ways, though, its a bunch more of the same old same.  Thoughts of regret, revenge, questioning ones’ self, grief, and evening attempts at forgiveness.

I’m glad I listened to this book verses read it, because that’s probably the only way I would of gotten through the first five and a half or so hours (ie half the book).  The story unveiled itself into this grand scale thing, where our characters feel small and in many ways unimportant, and sadly, you as the reader/listener feel the same.  This was a much bigger story, and the slow pacing, internal dual perspective monalog’s, and complete lack of tension the first books had, really almost puts you to sleep.  The unveiling of some of these rather drastic concepts, comes across as hohum, all in stride.  The importance of being Divergent looses its importance (really?)  The strong characters built up in the first books, become like cry babies in this book.

The story over all was a let down.  I even read a few reviews in middle of me writing this, to see if anyone had the same disappointments, and the majority did, if not even more disappointment.

Sure, the ending maybe didn’t happen the way I liked, but was acceptable and for sure memorable and in line with some of the characters, its just the whole last part of this trilogy itself is in its entirety a little disappointing by far.

It felt like this book, was written by someone else far less experienced and involved in the story.  Forgot that most of the internal dialogue was already covered (and in a much entertaining way in the first two books) and then run out of time to actually tell of some action, battles etc.    Basically only one tense filled scene, and 4/5 of the book thinking internally about regrets.

There is some great messages of Forgiveness and choice etc but it’s lost in the same slow pace throughout the story, it just doesn’t matter.

I did almost tear up near the end, and that’s good, but that was about the only feeling I got from this 12 hour ride on rails trip.  The first two books had my emotions all over the place, experincesing them right along side the characters.

One possible suggestion, is not to listen to this book, end on the second book and make up your own ending.  Keep the important parts you find important and your story should be better then this.


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