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Hiring for the Cape Breton Area – Selling Life Insurance as full time new career or part time income earning (but you should be fairly committed for the first few months and then can Taylor your own schedule as you want) –

Job details: Life Insurance Agent

  • For those looking for a Great CAREER more then a quick job
  • Sales / Commission based (NOT hourly) No floor or base but you can get paid really really well with no roof either.
  • NEED your OWN VEHICLE, as you’ll be visiting many people’s home over a course of a regular week
  • Paid out weekly from prior weeks sales.
  • How to you get started:
  • Approx 30-40 hours Self Study Needed prior to a Provincial Exam (study via online website and videos, 2 weeks average from time of starting to next provincial test)
  • Approx 1 Week in office Company training once you passed above Provincial Exam (most likely out of Sydney office)
  • Approx 1 week of training in people’s homes with Sales manager showing you how it’s done (and making / closing sales which you get paid on the following week)
  • Congrats you know most of what it takes to be great
  • On going training as you start to do your own sales (we want you to be super successful in this)
  • Opportunity to grow into team management and trainer very quickly in this office as you prove yourself
  • Ages: Young to Old welcome: (18+ students welcome, IF you understand the above points, mid life and later in your life people, that want a new Career if the one you have doesn’t have what you’re looking for or it up and left ya behind)
  • If you’re still interested then drop me an email in the above box or call or text me 902-999-6217 – Kevin

We are different than most companies, we already have the leads just need to get to the people that want to see us, we’re behind and

We would rather hire local instead of bringing in agents from Halifax and the West (I’m from Edmonton and got brought out there there to open the local office and get some of you to manage it shortly after)  Full time or part time.  Connect with me and let’s have a quick chat. Never hurts to ask I’d say. If after a few minutes on the phone and if things seem good on both sides, I’ll let our HR lady at Head office start to give additional info to you and setup the main hiring process.

Kevin Schulthies – Call or Text 902-999-6217 me and I’ll personally get back to you as quick as I can.

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